Sunday, May 24, 2009


I don't quite know what Hamsterdam was or was not: a block party to excess? A private gig? Whatever it was, a fun time was had by all. Three bands, sun, many empty kegs of beer rolling by with a fresh one replacing it continuously throughout the day as we enjoyed the day. And the Taco Truck that they had on site was an amazingly huge success. An hour wait, I was told, for some eats.

A friend from Seattle visited this weekend (rode up on his '79 Harley Softail) and spent the weekend hanging out and biking around Bellingham. It's nice when someone drops in on a holiday weekend and forces you to enjoy it and relax. (I just wished my '75 R60/6 was back on the road. Waiting on a gasket from California.) I let him use my cruiser (bicycle) and he loved not needing to drive at all this weekend. Back, we sent him, to the stress of Seattle. Hopefully he'll visit again soon.

The picture above is from a glassblower selling hummingbird feeders at the Farmers' Market. (My housemate and her friend from Seattle are both glassblowers and knew this artist.) The low clouds blew off Saturday morning and it's been cloudless since. And speaking of clouds, this is the time of year when you hear of people moving back to places where there's more sun. Although it was a nice spring, the winter was pretty harsh. It can break people. I'll blow outta town for ten days in Junuary and make it back for July's sun and the commencement of summer.

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