Saturday, May 30, 2009


I think this picture was taken down at Larrabe State Park or somewhere around there. Actually I found out it's around Crescent City in California.

More nice weather today, and I was lucky to have a friend help me with high schools students with an urban gardening project this morning. Unfortunately, the rest of my day was compacted into four or five hours and I could've used a bit more than that. But I think my schedule is finally manageable. For now, at least.

Tomorrow is a day to chip away at a lengthy list of projects around the house. Still searching for the cheap air fare online, but the fares keep inching up. Tomorrow I may need to bite the bullet and book, regardless of price. But thoughts of traveling back east already make me miss Bellingham, even though I am still sitting here in my living room.But to think I can still fly across the US in a few hours for around three hundred bucks is still remarkable.

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