Thursday, May 28, 2009


Another wonderful day of sun. Someone said it hit eighty today, which is very hot for Bellingham. And an opportunity to work from coffee shops and feel the purity of setting up new business making me feel like an artist with a blank canvas might feel. I can't help it if I feel nerdy feelings sometimes.

This evening we went down to fly some kites in the lawn of the Bellwether - right at the entrance to the harbor. The Cascades to the east, and the sea and San Juans to the west. I think the Buddhists felt that kites tconnected them to the gods. Although today was wonderful, the fluky winds though made for less than spiritual kiteflying.

I believe they are turns that fly over my house. Lots of them. And they make the same exact noises as the flying monkeys on the Wizard of Oz. Each night they fly way overhead in circles in a huge flocks and screech and scream. Sort of creepy, yet coool. The sounds of summer coming on.

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