Saturday, May 30, 2009


I love this bike. It was quite inexpensive and has excellent wheels and for being seven or eight years old is still in great shape. I replaced the tires last year and liked the originals, so the only place that I could buy them ended up being in Hamilton, Ontario. Thank goodness for eBay.

But I did one of my favorite loops down through Sudden Valley over Cain Lake Road to Alger (stopped for a shot of espresso at the coffee stand right off I-5 at Exit 240) and then back up SR99 by Lake Samish and back through Fairhaven. I wonder if forty miles would be exaggerating? But the deep exhilaration of the vast vistas of the lakes and mountains and sea felt on this wondrous day is most welcome after not venturing too far from Bellingham in the past months other than the occasional trek by car down I-5.

I wondered to myself today if what forty mile would be versus the three or four thousand miles when I (change my aspiration to actualization and) ride cross country? Many activities in life exist where daydreams prior can outweigh the reality.


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