Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Another random picture of Bellingham. I believe it's J and Kearny Streets. Very close to my house.

Tonight we had lots of people over to help sheet mulch my front yard. Or at least half of it. Basically three layers of cardboard to be covered with wood chips that will help build the soil and allow me to plant something of use in my front yard that offers either nutritional or aesthetic value versus boring grass. Grass is this country's largest agricultural crop of virtually no value. At least if we could biodigest it..hmm.

But I really think lawns are bland and am glad that a good chunk has been removed. I am also quite lucky to have met a wonderful group of people in Bellingham that are quite dynamic and caring. And the dinner dish was a wonder rhubarb-lentil dish made with rhubard our neighbor gave us. Wonderful dish and a fun night. Tomorrow is a morning to sleep in. But sleeping in means getting up for some odd reason at 7:51am.

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