Wednesday, May 13, 2009


The carrots are bursting forth. As are many other little plants in the back yard. Tonight was the night we do our little garden party out at different homes around Bellingham. Tonight was at an enchanted little cottage garden out on Lake Whatcom. It was one of those days where the stress just seemed to dissipate once I was amongst friends and the good energy.

The way these parties work, is that I send an e-mail out to a few hundred people every week and anywhere from ten-to-thirty show up at someone's house or a community garden, we work for an hour or two whole a few prepare a meal, and then we all sit and dine together.

I think next week will be at our place, as my personal gardening is falling dismally behind.We will hopefully sheet muclch the front yard, finish the chicken coop, plant some bushes and remove a few too. And leeks seem to be in season, so I will cook something season that I pick up at Saturday's Farmers' Market.

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