Friday, May 1, 2009


A day of bsking in the sun watching the chicks and answering e-mails. It's finally summer here and the temperatures pushed into the low seventies. Here's another picture of the chicks today. They seem to be feeling more comfortable pecking around in the back yard. One was a little bit more wily than the other when it was time to return to their pen. I think that one - the larger Rhode Island Red - is at the top of the pecking order. She seems a bit more aggressive and elusive than the others. And she's the bigest too.

Bu generally they stay together as a group. And when one hid under the back steps today (the last one to be put back in the pen), I brought out the others and to coax her out of hiding with the other chirps.

A long weekend ahead of helping my friend at his shop. He's out of town an I'll help out there over the weekend. It should be a fun time (actually stress free) - especially when the sun is out and people are in a good mood.

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