Thursday, May 21, 2009


It's funny how I can begin the day stressed and overwhelmed by what lies ahead of me. But as I whittle away at the myriad tasks of the day, I suddenly become more relaxed and at ease. The things that piss me off during the day (like dehumans hiding behind tinted windows: I feel that driving entirely removes one from any contact from physical surroundings; add the veil of tint to this protective view and they are faceless, soulless beings entirely disconnected from their existence), but by the time I come home to relax, the thoughts leave me. (Well almost.) At night, all is calm.

If oonly I could bear to turn off this repugnant horror fil: 13 Seconds. I am not exagerrating when I say that this is by far the worst horror film I have ever seen. On a positive note, if maks me think that maybe I can actually write and direct a horrror film?

Here are some pictures of the chickens in the back yard today. One got lost under the house, but we firtunatelly rescued her. I understand this weekend is Memorial Day. And the weather is supposed to be quite nice.

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