Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I spent the vast majority of my life in Appalachia (even though it was urban and suburban). So I tried to recreate a bit of the hillbilly theme in my backyard. Actually, it isn't all that bad. If you look closely, you can see the chicken wire. This is where they'll reside. This is the , and once the chickends tak e over, it'll be all cleaned out. In the back of my house is CDI Sign Company. Sort of ugly, but I'd rather hear the ocassional intercom page during the day versus loud partying all night.

It was interesting talking to my aunt on Mother's Day, and I mentioned that we were raising chickens. She told me how she had chickens when she was gowing up, even though they lived in the city. How far we've come.

And oddly enough, my great grandfather, a coal miner immigrant built not one, but two huge wooden houses in Scranton, PA (both, I believe, are still prominently standing and inhabited). So my aunt had chickens and lived in a new coal miners house. (My home was built about the same time for coal miners living and working at the time in Bellingham.) So today, I am living in an eighty-year-old coal miner's house and am raising chickens. And I have an MBA and passed the CPA exam. How far we've come indeed.

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