Friday, May 22, 2009


This weekend it is supposed to be beautiful. And for the next week too: low sixties and sun, sun, sun. Tomorrow morning hopefully some yard work and then a party where my housemate used to live in the Birchwood neighborhood. The party is called Hamsterdam, and it should be a fun time to see people out and about. I know a few others going to the party also, so I am looking forward to it. And to think that I will actually be caught up wuth most of my work and truly have a day off tomorrow.

And this weekend is the big Ski to Sea event. The race or a parade or something goes down Cornwall - a few blocks away. And I really should know more about this race, but I've never been around for this big weekend in Bellingham. This year I will hopefully participate in some way, maybe nothing more than supporting the athletes. I guess.

Actually with the weather being so nice, I hope to get my road bike down this weekend and go for a forty or fifty mile ride. The riding around Bellingham is wonderful, although one must remember that tourist season will soon kick in, and the impatient, dangerous drivers inundate Bellingham that are in such a big hurry to relax. This is the season where Bellingham is flooded with shiny Lexus SUVs with Seattle and Belluvue license plate holders with blatant disregard for anything on a bike or on foot: a cyclist's worst nighmare.

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