Monday, May 11, 2009


I am quite lucky to have a wonderful library at my disposal up on Western's campus. So today I rode up there to do some research and felt the uncanny sensation of being thrown back in time. I would love to get into academia at Western as an adjunct professor, but that's a stretch (considering that I've never really taught in a collegiate setting - or much of any setting, for that matter). But I met a friend in passing at Red Square, and tried to describe Joe Cool to her. But she was quite young and I guess the job I did of describing him didn't cut it.

But it was fun hanging out on campus and I actually knew a few people there. Oddly enough I know (and knew) virtually no one from my extended years of college, as I worked quite a bit and never really participated in the college social life. That was back in the days that one could put themselves through college on $$4,000 in student loans in undergrad, a thirty hour a week job, and a $195 a month shared apartment. Many colleagues told me that I would be good as a professor; much better than a student, I would hope.

Tonight it poured. All night. I had to ride home from Happy Valley and had no rain gear. Yikes. But the system passed through and by the time I journeyed home at eleven the rain had diminished to a typical Bellingham dizzle: They say it rainsi n Bellingham one drop at a time. So I dodged the bullet. Again. And returned home pretty dry.

On nights like tonight I am always glad that I have a warm, dry abode to come home to.

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