Saturday, May 2, 2009


I am lucky to have a friend just down the way that restores BMW airheads. So today I picked up the final drive unit that needed some work to be done on it. He does complete restorations, so this was minor work to be done (I, or a previous owner stripped the oil bolt on the final drive - it takes gear oil in three places, and this is one of the three). So that piece is back in working order, and a project that I can hopefully complete this week and get the '75 R60/6 back on the road.

Earlier today, I needed to replace the bottom bracket on my cruiser that was groaning and gnashing under any pressure from my weight. This only set me back twenty-six bucks, which is far better than a car payment. So a day of bruised knuckles and mechanical satisfaction. And of course, the standard business meeting that ran a good chunk of the afternoon.

Off to my moonlighting gig tonight. Gota run.

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