Saturday, August 18, 2007

Another Day...

Here is a picture I took yesterday on the way to work. It's from the bike trail looking back towards Bellingham. The clouds are always very dramatic and lend to very wonderful sunsets. Every day is different. Thursday evening: The sun peeked through a small opening in the clouds on the horizon as it was about to set. A fiery patch of red hot orange lit the corner of the sky. I stopped my bike in awe and frantically shaking my finger, said to a woman "look at that amazing sunset!"
She was an older hippie type that glanced over and matter-of-factly, yet pleasantly responded, "every day the sunset here is beautiful." I wouldn't have been surprised if she ended her sentence with "silly" or something similar, but she didn't.

Today was a day of reading, a dinner party, and picking blackberries. They grow in abundance everywhere and you see people on the side of the trail or in the parks picking them. I have a few of these plants taking over my back yard too. Tomorrow I will make blackberry crisp, and hopefully freeze a few and eat a lot over the next few weeks while they are in season. I gave a bag of them them to my wonderful neighbors across the street. Tomorrow I am going with them to church (gasp) and then to a picnic.

Since the winters are so crummy here, I never pass up an opportunity to do something when asked. August, I've been told, is the only month one can be assured of good weather.
But it hasn't rained in over a month, so all the lawns are brown and dormant.

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