Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Another day. Fortunately a bit brighter in more ways than one.
I met a friend for coffee this morning and lamented how I wasn't ready for fall just yet. "Don't worry," he reassured me, "there is still plenty of summer left." Sure enough the sun came out and it Bellingham shed its fall attire for another stretch of sun, dramatic puffy clouds (like always) and a beautiful sunset. (The clouds in the Pacific Northwest have more layers than a French pastry.)

Speaking of France, I came across another blog of someone traveling through Spain and France on a Vespa 150cc scooter. This idea has since been added to my ten-year dream list:
  • bike across the US
  • canoe the entire Mississippi
  • cross the Pacific on a sail boat as crew
  • and now, spend two months touring France on a Vespa scooter
Of course, none of these may ever evolve, but it doesn't hurt to daydream. I believe one becomes old when they stop looking forward and dreaming, and instead become one to look back and reminisce.

The picture is of Blaine, a border town that appears to be a retirement community, at least from what I see passing through. This picture was taken last Thursday.

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