Thursday, August 30, 2007

So I’ve known Lou (from Philly) for twenty-five some odd years. (And I am really looking forward to going to Philadelphia in November, where fond memories abound.) He e-mailed today and suggested posting other pics of the Assumption Church from their website. Catholics. But although the pictures in the church's website gallery are beautiful, they are in Flash format and I can’t use them. But here is one.

The neighborhood where the church and house are located is called Sunnyland (as you shake your head at its name's silliness in a mid-January drizzle when the sun is merely an urban legend, and your fleece and bike rain gear become an integral part of your daily wardrobe) and today it is named perfectly, although I was in a meeting tonight until 8:30 and missed the sunset.

Not much more...the same old grind. But good things are happening on the jobs side. Hopefully favorably. I am reading The Four Hour Work Week. (Someday I will discipline myself enough to drastically reduce my Internet and e-mail usage.) But regarding his style, it seems the author despises work in a subtle way. I sort of like it. But then again, he probably doesn't ride his bike to work.

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