Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This picture is a half a block from the house looking west towards the bay, which is roughly a mile away, maybe less. The catholic church at the end of the street is a landmark in Bellingham. The high school is to the left, as is the bike trail. I took all these pictures a few days back.

Tonight was the night to volunteer at the Bellingham Food Bank, something I've been doing for the past year. I find it one of the more consistently enjoyable parts of the week, with plenty of laughs and familiar faces.

I was reminded that Labour Day is upon us this weekend. I am actually looking forward to summer being over and autumn setting in. I may have mentioned it in a prior post, but in the summer it stays light very late. Conversely, in the winter, especially on cloudy afternoons (which are most days), it can start getting dark around 3:30. Sort of a drag, but time to catch up on sleep and rest. (I just finished watering the garden and it is 10:45pm.) I've never seen such dramatic shifts in the weather, although there are many microclimates due to the bays and mountains.

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