Saturday, August 18, 2007


Here is a better picture of Fairhaven. I end up in this part of town a few days out of the week. This is next to the building at which I work (from where the prior picture was taken).

Tonight I had no plans. But I was riding up the trail and I came across an outdoor concert at The Hub, a funky non-profit bike shop that is right off the bike trail into town. Now it's funny how I've been in town for only a year (plus) but always seem to run into familiar people. Tonight, I met a fellow Food Bank volunteer.

So I hung out at The Hub for much of the evening to listen to bands and a really cool modern dance troupe from BC the was starting a West Coast tour. (I wish I could remember their name.) Their performance was bicycle related, of course. Since Bellingham is twenty miles from Canada, it would make sense that they begin their tour in here.

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