Wednesday, August 22, 2007

This picture was taken a few days ago. I think in the morning.

Today was a slow day. Writing a business plan with writer's block is a drag. But a 1979 Billerica, Massachusetts Grateful Dead bootleg helped. I came out of a slump.

After the crummy weather the past two days, people were out en mass - maybe because they realize that perfect evenings will soon be a memory replaced by seven months of drizzle soon to be upon us.

I was involved a few months back with the "Bike To Work & School Day." A woman that runs it asked me if they could do a photo shoot of my hip bike, along with me on it. It was for a for some brochures for a local organization: Everybody Bike. Some day you may see some professional pictures taken of me.

On yet another note. I recently decided to entirely quit smoking cigarettes (west of the Continental Divide). Not that I ever smoked much - maybe a pack every few months. But I do have one remaining, and think I will make some tea and smoke my last cigarette forever. We'll see.

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