Sunday, August 26, 2007

If you look really hard, you can see Mt. Baker. This is the view from the back steps. As you can see there are businesses back there, which is very nice, as there are no neighbors to deal with. The business directly behind is a sign company.

Today I went to a picnic and then out to feed some friends' cats. I took the car out today and since I was driving happened upon a trailhead near Chuckanut Ridge. When I left this morning, I had no expectation of hiking today. So I was wearing a pair of sandals that were a little loose, and had no water or food. On a total whim, I swung into the parking lot.

It was a three mile hike to Cedar Lake and Pine Lake and the trail was very steep, straight up. So I took off my Keens and went barefoot after about a mile in. I recently read about barefoot hiking, so I thought I would give it a shot. Hell, hobbits do it and this trail wasn't nearly as rocky as Mordor.

So I ended up hiking about five miles in bare feet today. Coming back down the trail I met someone conditioning with a 30 pound pack, and I tried to keep up with his faster pace (and I did) as we talked. But because of my faster gait coming down the steep trail, my poor unshod feet took a beating. They are bruised and burning, but no blood.

A good day.

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Tshombe said...

I guess I'll be calling you "Frodo" or "Samwise."

Or, maybe "Bilbo".