Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bitter Pill

Today, like bitter cough syrup, I had the new Office installed on my work computer. Now my home computer will be a Dell with Linux (Ubuntu v8.04), but my work computer (that I am, um, using now until the home laptop arrives) has Windows XP and the newest version ov Excel and Word. My stodgy reluctance to accept and learn this updated software made me feel like I was experiencing the onset of middle age. So I swallowed the bitter pill and took my first steps to learning it. And by the way, I've been using Excel since since it was called Microsoft Multiplan in 1984.

But a goal is to eventually get the work laptops (on the next cycle) all installed with Linux and Open Office. It seems like Linux has finally matured into a viable operating system. We'll soon find out.

Here's a picture taken a a few weeks back a half block from my house looking east. You can see Mt. Baker peeking above that ridge, which is about fifteen miles away as the crow flies. On the west side of these mountains is SR9, a winding road that is a great bike ride through the town of Acme, and then turns back home through Lake Whatcom. Oh, and Mount Baker is about fifty miles away

Actually, I'll be traveling out this way on Thursday for a work retreat up in Glacier (staying in a cabin), then on to San Francisco next week.

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