Saturday, November 8, 2008


So I don't frequently do this - posting personal details about myself - but tonight I shall gloat. Here is another article that was written about a partnership that I work with just south of Bellingham: we take the biomethane that comes off the Cathcart Landfill down in Snohomish County and use it to dry seed. Some of that dried seed will be crushed into oil and meal, and we taeke the oil and make it into biodiesel. I was told that 1,000 acres of rapeseed (canola) can be used to power the entire Snohomish County municipal fleet on a B20 (20% biodiesel) blend. I'm the one on the far left (click the picture to enlarge; here is the story.)

And a day trip that began in Seattle and ended twelve hours later finishing up a business plan. The trip included a most unpleasant meal at a Taco Time in some generic strip mall somewhere north of Everett bus south of Alger. I haven't eaten in a fast food joint in well over a year, and now I remember why.

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