Saturday, November 22, 2008


I have nothing to really say today, although I could share about the joys and rigors of putting in storm windows (many have original glass). But I won't.

A very windy last night, and a wet morning with a break in the afternoon weather and a beautiful night. And even more beautiful was being able to bike around in the brisk air.

And today my helmet finally gave up the ghost. It was dangerously old and the strap broke. So immediately over to Fanatik Bike to replace it. I like Fanatik - the people that work there are cool, and they always have what I need - and it's only five blocks from my house. And they let me take all the cardboard that I want from their dumpster to sheet mulch my yard.


mark said...

how is life out that way?
i'm in new england and thinking
about relocating to whatcom county.

peace out mark

Jeff Westcott said...

Bellingham is a very chill town. Sometimes I get frustrated at how slowly some things can take to get done, but then I remember that that's why I moved to a place like Bellingham. Being an east coast transplant myself, I enjoy things moving a bit slower. I am glad that I re-learned how to relax. Come visit.