Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So although things do not work out the way I ever anticipate, it was still a quite enjoyable time in San Francisco - even though I needed to remember what day it was and where I stayed last night. It turns out that it was Walnut Creek, a nice little hamlet east of the city. Not really my speed, but quaint and nice none the less. Then back up to a meeting on the Panhandle right near Ashbury after taking the BART into town with all the working stiffs.

I spent a good chunk of Sunday up in the Haight-Ashbury District, the place where the music scene of the sixties evolved. And up to 710 Ashbury, where the Grateful Dead band members once lived. Then over the the beautiful Golden Gate Park, where I laid in the warm sun and slept for awhile among the hippies playing drums. Lying and dozing in the midday sun brought back some fond memories.

A beautiful day and then the late morning fog rolled in and the weather turned more into what I would expect in San Francisco. But heading north into Marin County the top of the Golden Gate Bridge disappeared into the fog. And coming to the end of the bridge, the fog lifted and the blue skies cast the sunlight back down upon us in our little biodiesel powered Mercedes. More meetings in Marin and a relaxing house staying at colleague's home in the hills of Corte Madera. Whenever I am at this home in the hills, I truly feel like I am in California.

Tomorrow is off to Santa Cruz and Salinas, and then back to SFO on a 9:30pm flight. Tomorrow may be another night of traveling, and hence, no posting. Probably see you Friday. Too much has been crammed into these few days - mostly eork, but much pleasure also. I am growing to love this part of the U.S., yet look forward to getting home to Bellingham to my mellow life. Soon enough.

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