Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Another picture looking up Cornwall taken a few days ago. This is about six or eight blocks from my place. The Pickford Theater (they show the indie films) is on the right.

A day that I wished I could have gotten out earlier to experience this New Day in America. When I finally made it out of the house (around three), people still were giddy with the possibility of what can be. I personally think it may be an uphill battle for Obama (or McCain, for that matter) considering what the country faces, but I should remain positive. There is always hope.

The many things I started today are getting completed, and I finally feel like I got something accomplished. And when there are no defined starting and stopping points in your work day, one frequently gets confused in the blur of time. Fortunately, volunteering at the food bank is one of the few consistent anchors I have in the week, so I know that today is Wednesday. Back to work.

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