Thursday, November 20, 2008


I do not know if this will get posted tonight, but I am sitting in SFO about to board my plane. After going car free here in the Bay Area for a few days (on the wonderful train and bus system of Muni and BART) I am faced with the biggest challenge of the trip in getting from SeaTac to the Lynnwood convention Center for an 8:00am conference. The fifteen miles north to this suburb Seattle will require one transfer in downtown Seattle and over two hours of travel.

Maybe I will be surprised, but so far the public transit in Seattle is quite dismal compared to what I am leaving here in San Francisco. But tomorrow night I will be back in Bellingham with my bicycle at my disposal back in my little town of rain and clouds.

But right now I need to leave to get a drink of water before leaving. I too need to get away from the people around me talking loudly on their cell phones about their bland lives.

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