Saturday, November 8, 2008


Oh, and one more thing on the election: I watch Fox News on rare occassion (when I have access to cable), but never thought that I could ever witness Britt Hume any more glum than he is every time I see him. (Did that make sense?) Until Tuesday night as the electoral map behind him turned blue. Priceless. I am ecstatic that we put a younger hipster in the White House versus another old-line aging fart. Christ, Obama's only a bit older than I am. McCain on the other hand seemed more like your typical established corporate type with a hot assistant.

But it was nice at my moonlighting gig tonight - when I rode to the shop, I faced a stiff headwind. And fortunately it maintained all evening and gave me a brisk tailwind push back home from Fairhaven. The laugh tonight was when someone inquired about employment asked about working at this convenience store, we told them they need to have a graduate degree to work there (as we both do). For me, it's a tremendous fun. I remember the days of yore standing in my window office on the 31st floor in my suit and tie with reports piling up behind me and phones ringing how I'd gladly trade this life for the simplicity of working in a convenience store some day listening to classic jazz. And here I am. For one or two nights a week, at least.

And a firend gave me leeks a week or two back. I was glad that I could finally make a soup out of them. Off to Seattle tomorrow.

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