Sunday, November 2, 2008


Last night was indeed a strange night in Bellingham. Actually it was the strangest that I think I've ever experienced here. It was Halloween. Now I have not dressed for Halloween in years. But last night I donned (or undonned) my "flasher" attire and went to my moonlighting gig, and later to join a huge party downtown.

Thousands and thousands of people congregated downtown - most in full regalia and costume - and as happens many times, someone called out my name (I don't know how she, a friend of my neighbors, recognized me in my shades and baseball cap and overcoat on my bike - especially since I'd only met her briefly and she was a tad bit tipsy). But it turned into a night of revelry and dancing in the streets following (of all things) a bicycle with a trailer holding huge stereo blaring disco. I laughed (until it hurt) at the antics of all the fellow Bellinghamsters. How funny.

You must watch this video, a choreograped "Thriller" with costumed dancers on a main street the city closed down for this event. Crazy.

And since I wasn't home all night, I left the front light on with a basket full of candy. When I returned home, most of the candy was gone, but a Tootsie Roll and two Smarties remained in the baskets. I thought the politeness of the trick-or-treaters was pretty cool.

A warm day today with rain and drizzle, and the dry wind blowing from seemingly all directions.


Tanya and Michael Storm said...

As one of the Thriller dancers, I can say that this was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had! We had huge crowds at both our Fairhaven and Maritime Heritage performances. Thank you Bellingham for turning out in force and for being so appreciative!

Anonymous said...

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