Friday, October 31, 2008


"When the last rose of summer pricks my finger,
And the hot sun chills me to the bone,
When I cant hear the song for the singer,
And I cant tell my pillow from a stone,
I will walk alone by the black muddy river,

And sing me a song of my own."

- R. Hunter

Since I finally have some photo capability I thought that I would take some pictures to put up here on the blog. Some day I hope to capture those from my crashed computer. Here is one I took today out the window facing south.

Right now I sit at Avellino's Coffee Shop watching all the little trick-or-treaters walking by, as well as the old Bellingham hippies and the younger Bellingham hipsters. It's funny to be out during the day trying to work when others are playing. (This life takes a unique disipline, which I do not always have. And that explains why I am up many nights till way past midnight.)

I think I might dress up tonight for Halloween. Since I have an old raincoat, boots, baseball cap and sunglasses, I think I will go as a flasher. So if you see (or saw) a creep on a bike riding to Fairhaven on State Street upon gloaming, that's me. It will be fun giving candy to children tonight.

I've got to get back to work. I laughed numerous times at the kids' costumes as they stream by. Tonight should be fun. It rained all morning, but looks like it might be only cloudy tonight. Until April, probably.

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