Thursday, October 9, 2008

Born To Beguiled

be·guile tr.v. be·guiled, be·guil·ing, be·guiles
. . .4. To pass (time) pleasantly.

This was a picture taken of the people I work with after a team meeting some day in the recent past (oh yeah...yesterday) outside my house. Two others rode (one being the picture taker), and only two drove. The days are blurring together.

And the fact that it is frightfully cold this week so far. (4* Celsius right now, and the reason I tell the temperature in Celsius is because that's what the bottom of the computer shows. But that's around 40* Fahrenheit.) I may need to breakdown and turn the heat on. Ramping up for a trip back east for business. Cut the hair. Get the Joseph Banks suit out; the BB shirts; the Johnston & Murphy's wingtips. I miss the regimented work week sometimes. Oh no I don't - who am I kidding?

Ten days is enough time away from Bellingham to really miss it, even the damp cold. (But don't even get me started on the hail and downpour today.) And of course the housemate and ugly dog will be missed too, the moment the plane touches the sky.

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ecogal said...

don't worry about Daisy and Maggie. they'll be fine. I know you'll miss your friends tho. I'm planning on taking Daisy to the Circus this weekend. girls night out. we'll spill when you get back
safe travels