Friday, October 24, 2008


My housemate has found increased satisfaction in cooking. And that's alright by me. Tonight after returning from my moonlighting gig, I thought I would partake in the monotony of preparing pasta (and to show the dismal enthusiasm put forth into cooking, I even bought Ragu). Simple. Bland. Quick. A meal upon which I entirely subsisted when working way too many hours in the days of yore. Instead, this evening the refrigerator was chock full of tastily prepared foods, and I quickly remembered how good shrimp tasted.

And I received my ballot today for the election. Since I doubt I will be voting for either of the Big Two, my mind is contemplating which of the other candidates I will cast my vote for. The reason I like Obama is because he has shown that anyone can truly still grow up to be president in this country. And that is heartwarming: that there is still hope in this land of opportunity {sniffle}.

Here is a picture taken July 4th, 2007 on a sailboat out in the bay.

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