Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Here is a picture taken of the Laurel Highlands on the way across the turnpike last Sunday. I forgot how beautiful and awesome the leaves are at this time of year. Some years are better, and some are not. This year is truly remarkable.

Since Sunday, we were in Pittsburgh, then Cleveland, back to Pittsburgh, then off to a small town near Reading this morning, a meeting in Philly today, then on to New York City and Connecticut tomorrow. Then a weekend of relaxation after dropping my colleague off at the airport in Philly.

Tonight I am writing from the Meadowlands in New Jersey - a place where I saw five or six Grateful Dead concerts in another life. The past few days has been a blur, and forgetting what city you are in is not an uncommon incident. I forgot how fun it is to wear a suit and suspenders.

It was good to see the debate tonight and it looks like all the news services are writing off McCain already. Even FOX News. It's quite uncommon to see that. But with the socialization of the banking industry, the market continues to get beat up. Maybe we should also socialize the retail industry. I still think even worse times still lie ahead. What an exciting time to be launching a business. Sorry that my writing is fragmented, but my mind is abuzz with thoughts and things to do before I sleep. Getting into the city can sometimes be a challenge. Fortunately, it will be just after rush hour.

Chance are, I will not be writing again tomorrow. Hopefully Friday.

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