Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Home Again

It is always the most refreshing thing to return to Bellingham. And as always, the thing that I miss the most on my trips away from here is the ability to ride my bike on a daily basis. I find it incredibly relaxing. Although the east is beautiful in many ways, I find that having to rely upon a car to do everything is quite confining and aggravating. But people (in the millions and millions) submit to that lifestyle so I guess they find it to be satisfying. Or don't know that an alternative exists. For me, it brings stress and causes headaches.

But here is a picture of an old friend of mine that is currently a bigwig at one of the accounting firms in Philly, yet still retains his hipster ways as an established musician and riding around his subdued suburban subdivision (built in the fifties, I believe) on this cool chopper bike. I was able to take it for a cruise through the neighborhood and it almost felt like riding a recumbent. Of all the people in life that have impacted my professional world view - for better and for worse - he has probably been most significant. To think I've know him since the eighties is quite remarkable. But time marches on.

On another note, I did have another story published in the local Whatcom Watch, although it's not online yet. I picked up a few print copies today though. I am sure that you will know when it is published online.

Usually when I return from an energy packed trip of fond memories, I wonder how I could possibly stay there to eek out an existence. The fact that I never have that feeling anymore when I travel makes me realize that I have finally found some inner peace here in Bellingham. It's great to be home. I never thought I would miss drizzle and clouds (although today was a nice day - the lingering of fall).

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