Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Home II

Okay. One last picture from home (or a place I call home where I spent the first few decades of life; I guess Bellingham is now my home - although my life has taken the path of the itinerant searcher for the last decade or so, I think that Bellingham is as good as it gets, and I will probably hang my hat here for quite some time) . These are the Endless Mountains in Northeastern Pennsylvania, and more specifically, Wyalusing Rocks, a picturesque perch high above the Susquehanna River. We visited out here and had lunch nearby at a diner with average food and lots of older church-going folk.

But back in Bellingham, it was a perfect fall day. And most appreciated is the joy of being back to cook in my own kitchen, with the remnants of summer's bounty as ingredients in tonight's stir fry with rice noodles. There is comfort in one's own kitchen. And a friend back east burned me a reggae CD that was a nice overlay to our evening's effort.

Back in my own bed, with an ugly fat dog at my feet. And normal sleep. And no rain tomorrow for biking to my 7am meeting. And another day, another 500-point drop in the Dow 30. I thiknk we have crossed a threshold where 5% daily shifts in the broad markets will not be uncommon. I'm glad that I bailed on equities when I did, as this this down cycle will last a while. And it's a surprise when many people that do this for a living share my sentiments. Like real estate agents, the majority feel it's always a good time to be buying. (Sorry, didn't mean to offend real estate or investment people.)

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