Sunday, October 26, 2008


Today was a wondrous fall day. We had another impromptu workshop titled Urban Chickens 101, conducted by a friend and resident expert on chickens and permaculture in general. Then over to another friend's place for a pot luck dinner. Usually I cook something, but today I didn't. Instead, I bought a yummy cake at the bakery/cafe last night. Te cakes from La Vie En Rose are always a big hit - whether at a pot luck vegetarian gathering, or a formal dinner party. But the turnout was nice, and it's good to see many of the same people - and new faces - interested in urban gardening.

I've had my chicken coop built for a bit, but may not stock it until the springtime. I've been told the hens lay less in the winter. But I am looking forward to having my own fresh eggs, as once you have fresh local eggs, the others can't really compare.

And it's been getting close to freezing at night, so we turned the gas on today. The summertime gas bills of $4.24 are over. But Magilla likes the gas fireplace insert (I've seen a few others of this same model around Bellingham) as she has a thin, fine layer of fur and seems to get cold easily. Firing it up in the morning for a few minutes can take the chill out of the air.

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