Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So my friend came and visited us for the week. He was from Cleveland and infused his eastern vitality upon our otherwise quiet little home. It's always great to have visitors, but I also realize the longer I live in a mellow little seaside town in the Pacific Northwest, the more that my day-to-day lifestyle has become less stressful. Living in a town where 80% of the residents make less than $18/hr indeed has its pitfalls and elements of anxiety, but overall, a simple life is quite alright.

The picture to the right is where we met for coffee today to get some work done. Actually, the picture is from The Herald. I happened to run across it today online (as I have been rather remiss about taking pictures lately) and also happened to have coffee at this cafe - Caffé Adagio - here this afternoon. I believe it's the closest coffee house to my home and I thin kit's one of the nicest in town...and they make a great Americano.

Tonight was a ride home reminding me of winter's onset. Auriga and Pleides are rising in the eastern sky, and a brisk breeze put a chill in the air. Time to relax before traveling this weekend.

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