Thursday, October 2, 2008


I usually write every day. Some type of drivel. But not last night. There was just not enough time in the day, with our visitor arriving on Amtrak around nine. But having a guest from back east is wonderful. But the longer I live in a relaxed town like Bellingham the more I realize that I too have become more mellow. And with that I am okay.

Entertaining is fun, and you sometimes you forget living in a beautiful place until guests bring it to your attention. And you also just shrug your shoulders when they comment on how it looks like it's going to rain and your response is "yeah, probably," as you head outside realizing that getting wet is not so bad. And the rain today was refreshing, watching from a table at Avenue Bread. Although the sun poked through, but my guess is that the clouds will be for, oh, the next six months or so.

Another picture above taken of the front of the house a few months back.

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