Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Some positive feedback I received from my friend upon writing about my trip back home last we. The writer lives in Lake Winola, Pennsylvania:

"i looked at your blog. not one mention of us here in the home of your childhood. nothing. no pictures of the radios, no pictures of me. not one mention of going to the 'statestreetgrill' or even 'the hole.' you could do a whole blogentry on that alone, rather than the boring drivel i just read there....geeeeez... update that blog and add some good pictures from here. and some positive energy for a change. you are so glum."

What a tough audience.

But right now I am sitting in a coffeehouse trying to restore all the files from my recent backup. Having stepped into a nifty new laptop sure is nice. These ThinkPads are pretty cool. But getting used to a new computer and back up to speed feels like being on crutches.

And I feel that I should be writing more about the political charade that we as a culture are witnessing, but I grew weary of the banter months ago. And at least the new Firefox is pretty cool too. And I'll post some real pictures once I can edit j-pegs or restore my other picture files.

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