Saturday, October 25, 2008


There is a place in Bellingham that has all sorts of neat home items discarded from old houses. It's called the ReStore. I went there looking for a door, but instead ended up scoring some (already opened) exterior paint for five bucks that happens to be one of the same colors used on the exterior trim. Painting the worn, but original, wooden storm windows is not too far off in my future. I should put them up while the weather still cooperates. The color is sort of an eggplant, so for the lack of making any decorative decisions, it will stay eggplant.

A beautiful day of nothing more than running errands.

As I sit in La Vie En Rose on Holly Street in Bellingham, someone just popped in Neil Young. They're closing up at six o'clock and it's eleven of, so time to leave. An appropriate song, considering the cloudy Saturday late afternoon as the daylight already begins to dwindle...

"Think Ill pack it in and buy a pick-up
Take it down to l.a.
Find a place to call my own and try to fix up.
Start a brand new day.

The woman I'm thinking of, she loved me all up
But I'm so down today
Shes so fine, shes in my mind.
I hear her callin'.

See the lonely boy, out on the weekend
Trying to make it pay.
Can't relate to joy, he tries to speak and
Can't begin to say."

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