Sunday, October 19, 2008


I must admit, the foliage was more vivid in the lower part of the state than the upper. I was told that latter received less rain,which was a cause of the less colorful leaves. But it was still a nice time to visit, with not a cloud in the sky today. This picture is taken coming down Summit Hill (I think it's called) from Clarks Summit, a road that I drove (or rode) thousands of times in my youth.

But many of my friends of youth are now with children, and I return to my home with expectation of graping at the old memories of a less complicated time. But life keeps marching along, and I realize that my efforts of these nostalgic pursuits can be futile, and lonely at times. It's time to return to Bellingham, and in less than thirty-six hours I will be on my way back to my home and life to which I've assimilated and grown to love in the Pacific Northwest. And I will even trade the sun for the rain. And a good cup of coffee.

Tomorrow I hope to schedule a few more last minute appointments and then back to Philly for my flight home, where there is plenty of follow-up work awaiting me. And the many dinners and parties that seem to bring the people of Bellingham back inside - those that have scattered asunder with their varying summertime activities - for the winter get togethers.

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