Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So what can one say about tonight. Finally, the vast majority of Americans got their heads on straight and offered a collective "f*ck you" to the establishment. Maybe I contradicted myself from an earlier post, but it's about time getting someone in the driver seat that represents everything that Washington isn't. There may be hope for this countrry after all. Hope. A friend at the bar tonight said "we have destroyed the Death Star." Mr. Obama has a horribly long road out of this ditch where we've spent the last few years rumbling along.

And another crazy night down town. I shot a video, but it took too long to upload. I will try to upload it later. Bellingham is a pretty liberal Pacific Northwest college town; I wonder if the rest of the country was like what I witnessed here: Fireworks. Police. Drumming. Blowing horns. High fives. Yelling. Hugs. People screaming the name Obama as they pass you on the street. Jubilance.

I was not a huge fan of Barack Obama, but I have grown to accept and respect him, and be proud to call him the President of my country.

But it is later than I've been awake on a work night for a long time.

And I did end up ordering the Ubuntu v8.04 operating system on my new computer - a cheap Dell Insprion 1525N. I buy few new things in life, but a laptop every few years is one of them.

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