Saturday, November 15, 2008


Day Three on the new Linux laptop (a Dell). Still no real difference on the operating systems - both are intuitive. But it was nice to turn the computer on and have all of your software already installed. Set up time literally took thirty seconds.

A day of doing as little as possible. But running morning errands I had a near collision with a vehicle. It's funny how you notice things that raise your level of alertness. This car was a high alert from the get-go: Newer BMW 535e (or something like that); Seattle license plate holder. And biking down Railroad Avenue always has its share of surprises. I generally a mellow biker.

Time to rest before flying off to San Francisco. Tonight will be a night of fragmented sleep, as the bus to SeaTac leaves at 2am for a 6:30am flight. Tomorrow should be a surreal day. At least I was able to spend some quality time napping with Magilla (above).

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