Sunday, November 16, 2008


"All the things I planned to do
I only did half way
Tomorrow will be Sunday
born of rainy Saturday

There's some satisfaction
in the San Francisco rain
No matter what comes down
the Mission always looks the same."
- Robert Hunter

So instead of sleeping last night, I met some friends out and of course was scurrying about at 1:50am to catch the shuttle to SeaTac. And of course I made it there with little disruption and little sleep. But I am running right now on the thrill of being in San Fran on a wonderful winter day that actually feels more like Spring. Check in at the hotel is 2pm, so I am getting caught up e-mails (much needed) at a small coffee shop just down the road on Van Ness. The picture is a pretty good example of what it's like right here right now, although I did not take it.

Later I plan to hop the 49 Muni and head down to the Mission District to meet some friends, and hopefuly pick up business cards - the only thing that I think I forgot - from a colleague returning to the Bay Area tonight.

And I forgot about the many pretty, stylish and fit women in San Francisco. Although I am not a big city person anymore, the energy here is quite rejuvinating. Well, I'd better run. I've ben here for three hours using their wi-fi and barely spent five bucks.

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