Saturday, November 15, 2008


So we went a a very neat cabin in Glacier, Washington. It was "green built" (a term I fully have yet to understand), and wonderful to spend time with people that I interact with on a more formal level. We basically spent a day-plus out of cell phone and wireless range about thirty miles east uf Bellingham up the Mount Baker Highway. The Northern Cascades are remarkable at this time of year and the and the companion Nooksack River was raging. Very little sleep, as a productive day was followed by a very late evening of merriment.

I am horribly lucky to work with such wonderful people. Although I've worked with many good people in my career, I feel that I have found something very unique in this company that I've been with for the past year. And although working with emerging companies can be very stressful at times, it is the most exhilerating mental thing I've ever done.

A day of down time, and then the commencement of a journey to San Francisco early, early Sunday morning. Still getting used to the new laptop and the Ubuntu. So far, a refreshing change. Oh, and the picture was taken down near Taylor Street Dock a few days back.

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