Saturday, April 25, 2009


Although this still looks like a total mess, it is much neater than it was earlier today. I have a very large garage, and although it wasn't too messy, it is time to organize things. That, and a million other things for a productive, yet relaxing Saturday afternoon. But what's cool about this garage, is that I still have plenty of room for, say, a 1972 VW Westy Weekender project.

No good rants or other topics of concern, although I was reading about the second wave of foreclosures looming on the horizon when the Option ARMs reset next year and the following. One in ten mortgages is currently thirty-plus days delinquent in this country. And the best is yet to come. Especially since we'll see the lack of liquidity (and subsequent spending) ripple through the economy as consumer and commercial credit continues to shrivel. But my thoughts are drifting and lacking cohesion, so I will stop there.

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