Friday, April 3, 2009


Here is another picture taken by my housemate of Fragrance Lake last Sunday.

Today was a great day to appreciate the salt breeze blowing off the bay as I rode down to Happy Valley. A fine spring day on my bike taking deep breaths and smiling as I made my way down State Street.

I do not think I wrote about it, but Tuesday I did get the garden planted. Actually, my housemate did the planting after I prepped the garden with some very expensive soil from Hohl's Feed, although it will go a long way, and the more I though of it, it wasn't really that expensive.

So the pea are in the ground. The kale and spinach (surprise!) is returning. The garlic is up, as are the chives. I think we are ready for chickens too. A lot will happen in the next few weeks. And I called the city to get my utilities marked, so I will soon take up a good chunk of my front yard. I do not know what I will plant, but it may be some type of ground cover, like clover, or even oats. There are many choices that I have, and much work to do. Can't wait.

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