Thursday, April 23, 2009


Here is a picture of the new food bank where we volunteer every Wednesday to do whatever's needed. Today was a less than enjoyable day of repackaging frozen chicken although we always seem to have fun there. But it's sort of odd when you have three peeps at home growing into someone's source of food. I don't eat chicken anyway, so these little peeps won't end up on my plate some day. Some nights like tonight have unpleasant duties, and this whole pallet of chicken was...well never mind. Almost as bad as the time with the rotten potatoes (smell worse than death, the salmon or the bad onions).

Tonight we transferred the chicks to a larger box and a 250w heat lamps. Considering that my home usage averages .75kwh, it looks like my electric bill will be quite a bit higher this month - like 33%. And so far, no eggs. Some ROI.

And Magilla is thoroughly perplexed by these little furry denizens of the mud room in the back. Or whatever you call the room where the water heater was that was probably a porch a few decades back before the enclosed it - my guess is in the fifties.

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