Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Tonight was another night of our Roving Garden Party we have on Tuesdays. This was tremendous fun on a sunny spring day. And house we were at was full of warmth and laughs. Pretty much every Tuesday we go around to different houses and help them garden, while some people stay inside and cook a meal. Tonight there were at least twenty people helping remove blackberries (fortunately I ducked that job) and planting beds, and all around doing the work of, well, twenty people.

This is a great release after the daily regimen of a stressful life in difficult economic times. Now I am siting here trying to back up data from my hard drive only to realize that Roxio is a horrible piece of software for copying disks.

But it was a night of good vibes, even until I commented on the killing machine their domestic cat was. I wonder when I will be invited back? In picture I stopped work because I thought I'd found an Indian artifact, but it was just a rusty beer cap.

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