Monday, April 27, 2009


So far, so good with the chickens. They are roughly two weeks old and they seem to be getting along okay. We are not sure if the Bantam is a rooster or hen yet. For some odd reason that's just how it is with Bantams and Hohl Feed and Seed: you just don't know their sex when they're chicks, I guess. The three have seven (or six?) more weeks to spend in this crate and have plenty of room. The red heat light supposedly calms them. I know it is 250 watts burning 24/7 and by my calculation ups my electricity usage by about a third which frazzles my nerves. And chickens are supposed to be stupid?

But the garden is coming along smartly and things are sprouting up all over. I am lucky that my housemate is taking the lead on most of the gardening, but I have been playing a reasonable supporting role. The chives and basil and lemonbalm and lavender and oregano are all coming back too. Potatoes, kale, spinach and all sort of other things coming to life.

But no eggs yet.

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