Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Not much going on, but a group of us got together to consider reviving the Whatcom Tilth, that is part of the larger Washington Tilth - a statewide group interested in preserving regional food production and distribution. It basically brings the various groups together in hopes of tying the farmers, urban gardeners, and others together for security of our food supply.

And I've read a few scattered stories how the tightened credit is impacting farmers currently trying to buy seed. But I haven't found anything online, except a few articles from last year, like this one. So maybe it was merely a rumor.

At any rate, it will be a worty pursuit to become more in tune with the agricultural community around Bellingham, and shore up a much needed network, as I found today that Whatcome County has more farms than any other county in Washington State. I know many small farmers and am not surprised by this statistic.

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