Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A few days ago I took the final drive off my old BMW motorbike. I stripped a bolt last year and though t I would have it repaired this year. I do not really ride the bike too much, but I would like to keep it in decent shape, as it is almost 35 years old

But it is simple to work on. The only problem is the fact once you start looking on the Internet, you read about all the things that could go wrong on these bikes, versus the reason you actually started working on it But although the amount of parts inundate you, certain web sites (like this one) are invaluable, albeit overwhelming. I am sure you'll hear more about this project. And many others to follow with my '75 R60/6. This is the summer to take this up to the North Cascades for a weekend trip. Can't wait.

But tonight I am tired and the damned mouse is still sharing our living space, and being quite noisy at that. But a few nice days lie ahead, even though it was sleet and hail in Monroe this afternoon.

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